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Our Services

Howard Hicks Design provides an array of architectural design and technology services including:

Construction, Detail and Design Drawings

- Preparation of design drawings for client consultation and local authority planning negotiations

- Detailed and construction drawings prepared for building regulation approval, tender purposes and working drawings for construction on site


Planning and Listed Building Consent Submissions

- Preparation of documents and submission to local authority for planning and /or listed building consents,including co-ordination of information that may be required from other consultants

Building Regulation Submissions

- Submission of building regulation drawings for building regulation approval

- Liaising and coordinating with Building Inspectors, other consultants and providing relevant information, i.e. structural 

Building Surveys

- Carrying out measured building surveys

- Preparation of survey drawings

- Advising on building condition

- Project Management

- Overseeing tendering procedure, inspection of work on site, liaising with contractor

- Coordinating services of other consultants i.e. quantity surveyors and structural engineers

To see a more in-depth explanation on the assistance we can provide to you, please visit our 'Your Project' section.

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